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Studio Day

It's a beautiful and stormy day and perfect for getting back In the studio for some catch up work after a long and restful weekend. Feels good to be wrapping my head around some tech again. On the list for today is going over some new FLOCK AUDIO PATCH and other amazing gear. Also doing some downloads for some fresh plug-ins such as Soundtoys and Slate DIgital.

Excited to integrate all this into a new chain build for Roq & Max's Nightmares & Daydreams Podcast. They never seem to run out of topics and their passion is tops. We are working with a new sponsor to get the guys new mics and boards to up our recording game. While what we have is working, we just want to continue to upgrade and learn how to make the audio quality the best we can. My goal is to create more depth and warmth from the guys voices and have the natural resonance come through. Pleasant to the ears and more of the feel as if in the same room as the listener. We are doing two N&D drops a week plus one Youtube and I am enjoying the work flow. Have some good ideas for Patreon stories/vid. I also just ordered the N&D logo magnet for the Jeep so I am stoked to take a road trip to a Haunted Hotel in Jerome w Roq and put together a fun montage of the adventure, Max will have to join on another excursion as he is headed to England for a marathon.

Here is what I have on the studio TV whilst I download all the new goodies! Cheers! -TJ



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