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Tickets for Sound Bites Grill Celebrity Show Room

call 928-282-2713

discount ticket code Teresa Joy for $10 Off per ticket

Info about Sound Bites Grill

Esteban and Teresa Joy up close and personal!

This venue is a must-see-fan favorite. Sit not five feet from Esteban and Teresa Joy and watch fingers fly as they performs at their residency in the Sound Bites Grill Celebrity Show Room in breathtaking Sedona, Arizona. This is an intimate dinner theater where you may enjoy a rare and unique experience of music mastery at its finest that cannot be duplicated!... The concert will take you on a musical journey with stories that inspire and ignite the passion of the soul.

What are the FANS saying...

>>>Esteban and Teresa joy's Sedona concert goers have reviewed that this is THE BEST place to see them!!

>>>Most Up Close and Personal Concert EVER... we enjoyed the concert of a lifetime in the intimate Sound Bites Grill Celebrity Show Room, the food is amazing as well.

An Up-Close and Intimate Concert like no other, experience an evening with a master concert guitarist, a world renown violinist Teresa Joy, one of todays finest drummers Joe Morris and the hottest keyboardist Raul Yanez in AZ.

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